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"I hadn’t practiced yoga for a while, but Gabriella provided just the right balance between re-tuning technique and some challenging postures. Personalized and focused, yet relaxed. I always feel so light on my feet and full of life afterwards! "
- Catherine

Pregnancy Yoga for Mothers to Be*

Private Yoga TuitionPrivate yoga tuition on a one-to-one basis, as a couple or in small groups can be a great way to begin a new yoga practice or to deepen an existing practice.

Sessions are tailored specifically to your individual level of ability and are arranged at your convenience, either at your home or other suitable location.

Private yoga sessions may vary in style from dynamic flow to alignment-based or restorative depending on your needs and goals.

The fee for private yoga sessions are £60 for each private session of one hour at a client’s residence in central London.

Contact Gabriella at 0779 661 6413 or email to enquire about private sessions.





Please note that private yoga sessions cancelled without a clear 24 hours notice will be charged.



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